Code of Conduct

Our team relies heavily on the relationship and trust between the athletes, coaches and parents to meet its goal of creating camaraderie and producing a top-tier program. To attain these goals, we adhere to three principles in everything we do: Safety, Kindness and Respect. All athletes, coaches and parents must conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the principles of safety, kindness and respect toward all athletes, coaches, parents, equipment, facilities and other teams at all times.

General Rules

  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking, vaping or use of drugs by athletes at any time is strictly prohibited.
  • Athletes may not consume pop/soda or energy drinks of any kind the week before a regatta. Carbonation and caffeine rob your body of oxygen causing muscles to break down and fatigue much faster. It is recommended that athletes minimize consumption of carbonated beverages throughout the season.
  • Athletes will not use insulting, demeaning, defamatory, sexually charged, vulgar, racially or ethnically intolerant and/or hostile language to or about other athletes, coaches, parents or members of other teams.
  • If you ride to an event with someone you will ride home with the same person. The ONLY exception is drivers may hand athletes off to their parents. Athletes may NOT change vehicles mid event.
  • Athletes will stay in the hotel room they are assigned. The ONLY exception is that an athlete may stay in their parent’s hotel room instead of a team room if desired. Athletes may not change rooms.
  • Athletes must wear their team uniform at all times at regattas. The ONLY exception is that athletes may put on additional layers over their uniform before or after their race.
  • Athletes are expected to help their teammates and coaches on and off the docks and always be looking for the things they could be doing without having to be asked.
  • Parents are not allowed to gather around the trailer or boats.
  • Parents are not allowed contact with the athletes 1 hour before a boat launches or 30 minutes after it recovers. This is team time needed to prepare for a race.
  • Remember that you represent your team, your school and the tradition of rowing that we are all working to create. We will conduct ourselves in the best possible manner at all times.


  • Commands given by ANY coach or race official are to be followed immediately unless that action would threaten safety. If you feel you are asked to do something that is unsafe, speak with the Head Coach.
  • To enable all rowers to clearly hear the commands of the coxswain and coach both on and off the water, rowers will not talk in the boat or while the boat is being carried on land with only the following three exceptions:
    • If an immediate threat to safety (i.e. a collision) is observed by a rower, the rower should alert others immediately.
    • Communication between stroke seat and coxswain to assist in an effective practice, or communication between the coxswain and bow seat for safe steering and/or docking. In both cases, this communication will occur only at the request of the coxswain.
    • During appropriate times (i.e. during rest/water breaks) provided that such talking does not interfere with communication by the coach (or safety launch) and coxswain, and provided that it does not violate the other principles of this policy detailed below.

Kindness & Respect

  • Mutual respect between all athletes, coaches and parents is expected at all times and in all forms of communication.
  • We expect that each athlete, coach and parent will conduct themselves in a mature, responsible and respectful manner.

Failure to Comply with the Code of Conduct

Anyone concerned that an athlete, coach or parent has failed to follow the Code of Conduct should report the incident to the Head Coach in person or via Team Snap.

Upon receiving a report or witnessing a violation, the Head Coach will:

  • Review and discuss the incident with the athlete, coach and/or parent as is appropriate.
  • Determine if corrective action is necessary following the guidelines stated in the Triton’s Rowing Handbook.

Agreement to Follow the Code of Conduct

All members of the team must read and agree to follow the Code of Conduct in order to be on the team. Upon registration a Google Form will be sent out that must be completed prior to the first day of practice. Athletes will not be allowed to participate until the agreement has been signed.